February 23, 2018

About Us

WeMakeTheFunny.com is your one stop shop for comedy videos, audio, articles, funny pictures, comedy show recaps, etc from some of the funniest people on the web!  

History of WeMakeTheFunny.com

Adam Hamway created WeMakeTheFunny.com in 2005 as a place for his friends to post their funny masterpieces. Most of the contributors came from the sketch comedy troupe, Chocolate Cake City NY which began in 2006 after comedian Rob Asaro returned to New York… missing his former group of the same name in Boston. Rob teamed up with Adam Hamway of SiriusXM Radio Inc. who also missed his sketch comedy group: TNL. Together the two created a group that would bring together multiple forms of comedy and media to inspire unique work.

Chocolate Cake City worked with a variety of talent, hosting live weekly shows and creating widely viewed videos for WeMakeTheFunny.com. Their videos have been played on MTV and their audio comedy parodies have been broadcast on local and national radio stations such as Z100, 77WABC, WFAN, SIRIUS XM Radio, 630KHOW, etc. (Most notably their audio parody “Giants Won The Super Bowl” gave Chocolate Cake City national recognition). Chocolate Cake City has performed at various venues such as CAROLINES, COMIX, THE P.I.T., NATIONAL COMEDY THEATER, STAND-UP NEW YORK, BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB, ETC They’ve also participated in festivals in New York, Chicago and Montreal.

In 2014, Adam Hamway decided to WeMakeTheFunny.com should open the doors to accept funny videos, articles, podcasts, etc from comedians, no matter where they were in their careers.  This is exactly what WeMakeTheFunny is all about.  Sharing funny content to make the world a better place…one laugh at a time.

WeMakeTheFunny Contributers:


Adam Hamway-

Adam_Hamway_IMG_0055_Image©eric_michael_pearson_Adam Hamway is the founder of WeMakeTheFunny.com. He has auditioned for SNL, been a finalist for the Andy Kaufman Award, seen on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in two impression segments, and was the voice of Wendy’s for their, “You know when it’s real” campaign. Adam has worked for JonesTM’s American Comedy Network, formerly known as TM Century’s Daily Comedy Network, where he wrote, voiced celebrity impressions and produced comedy bits for radio stations across the country for 6 years.  Even the New York Times wrote an article about Adam Hamway’s radio parodies! Read Article. Mr Hamway has completed all levels of improvisation at the Upright Citizens Brigade and performs his impressions monthly at the People Improv Theater in the show, Buttski & Glasscok’s New Talent Blowout . If you’d like to book the man who introduced the world to Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Nuggets, contact Adam’s Commercial agents at Don Buchwald & Associates.  For more information visit Adam’s personal website: www.AdamHamway.com 


Rob Asaro-

Rob Asaro

Rob Asaro performs in and writes the Chocolate Cake whatever shows. He founded Chocolate Cake City, New York in 2006 and Boston in 2003 while a student at Emerson College. His work has been seen on MTV and various internet humor sites. He has studied or worked with at Second City, The Groundlings, The Papermill Playhouse, Manhattan Comedy School, the National Comedy Institute, HB Studios, Weist Barron, Strasberg Studios, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, Actors Alliance, and Made Up Studios. He performs stand-up in the city and is currently looking for a production company to produce his movie: “All The Jokes Told At The Tick Tock Diner.” He is known as the jerk of the group as he does not know any of the members names and frequently confuses them with former members and/or people who have never existed. He would play all the characters if he could, that jerk. Vist his website here: RobAsaroShow.com

KL Thomas-

KL ThomasKL is the host of the WeMakeTheFunny.com podcast “Let’s Chat Comedy”.  She also helps find funny content for WeMakeTheFunny.  She was the Producer of the monthly live show “Sketch Block” & the Creator/Host for the weekly podcast, “Sketch Block Podcast”. KL has also Produced/Performed in Libby Emmons’s “I Am Not An Allegory”, Horse Trade Theater Group’s stage reading series the “Drafts”, the web series “GigaHoes” and the monthly film event “InterNot”. Currently, KL is in pre-production for some comedy shorts, a play reading series for SoYoCo and a full length play. Her other credits include: Executive Producer of Jenn Dodd’s NYC Premier of “No Show: A One Woman Show”, Co-Producer of Monkey Poet’s “Love Hurts Actually”, House Manager for Horse Trade Theater Group’s Frigid Festival, Special Guest on “Night Out” with the Pin-Up Squirrels, Special Guest Host coverage of the PIT New York Sketch Comedy Festival 2013, Performed in Blue Box Production play series “Sticky”, Executive Producer/Host of the Cabaret Showcase “KL’s Tea Party”, Executive Producer of “Shut Your Sketch”, Producer/Performer for the improv troupe “The Black Boxes in the Corner” and Producer/Performer of the sketch troupe “I’ve Got Your Monkey”. You can also catch KL performing live, as TiTi the clown all over New York City.  She has been interviewed by playwright Libby Emmons LINK TO INTERVIEW, The ComedyGirls LINK TO INTERVIEW, and RepRadio, LINK TO INTERVIEW, and StageBuddy.com LINK TO INTERVIEW.

Sarah Hartman-

Sarah Hartman 2Sarah Hartman is a New York City based writer who recaps NYC comedy shows for WeMakeTheFunny. She has studied sketch writing at The Peoples Improv Theatre, and improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Her “real” education includes a BA in Opera Performance from Rollins College, and half a degree from an Australian Bible college. She can currently be found writing with the NYC sketch group Hot Buffet. Other writing credits include reviewing Broadway shows for various marketing companies, and sometimes writing her brother’s term papers (but only because he gives her Dunkin Donuts gift cards to do it). In her spare time, she enjoys watching Pretty Little Liars, and making steps towards her achieving her long-term goal of becoming a hip hop wife. You can follow her on twitter @sarah__says


Zach Dresler-

Zach DreslerZach Dresler was born in Brooklyn and eventually eneded up growing up during his teen years in New Jersey. He’s performed stand up, sketch and improv comedy all over New York City LA and even Australia.  The former producer of “Zach On The Street” for The B-Team every Wednesday on Mad Dog Radio SiriusXM Channel 123 now works for the NFL in LA. Zach graduated from American University with a degree in Broadcast Journalism that has not helped him to this day, “Thanks goodness for comedy” Zach says. Stay tuned for more on Zach because he’s awesome.




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